PBS Kids Neighborhood / PBS Kids Backyard

Ripbang Studios worked with The Mills Corporation to create the centerpiece of PBS Kids “beyond broadcast” marketing outreach. Taking their newly created brand characters, “Dot” and “Dash” we designed a physical environment that brought these 2-dimensional characters to life.  These “play and learn environments” are designed to communicate PBS’s mission in a way that demonstrates that non-violent, educational, non-commercial television can also be fun! Ripbang Studios provided architectural, interior and graphic design services, as well as custom play equipment design, sculpture, and artwork. The result is a series of play zones that have proven to be big attractions at shopping centers across the country.

Fabrication and Installation by RipBangSVI

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Play Design, Thematic Design, Custom Artwork, Graphics, and Sponsor Integration PBS Brand Environments, Graphics & Wayfinding, Play Areas