Treasure Island Casino

Charlie White, Bob Bangham and Rowena Macaraeg, then operating as Olio, assisted the Jerde Partnership in helping Steve Wynn’s desire eliminate neon from the Las Vegas Strip and replace it with fantastical resort environments that appealed to a family audience.

Our approach was founded on the simple idea that pirates wouldn’t build a village, they would steal one. So we spent the next two years “stealing” architectural trinkets and baubles from around the world and composing them with a seaman’s sense.

We designed the pirate village, ships, bars, restaurants, signage, and interiors that defined the aesthetic for the most intricately themed and exhaustively realized environment outside of Disneyworld.Фильчаков прокуратура харьковметаллические смартфоныфиш мирводительская справка 2015горсправка москваигры на андроид планшет скачать бесплатно без регистрацииоладница с антипригарным покрытиемкак поднять рейтинг сайтаЛобановскийпрокурор Фильчаковполучение вида на жительство в германиисертификат качества на двери матадоргде можно получить санаторно курортную карту

Thematic Architectural and Interior design, artwork, sculpture, set design, costume design, logos and signage The Jerde Partnership Themed Resorts