Universal CityWalk

Bob Bangham, Rowena Macaraeg, and Charlie White, then known as Olio, assisted The Jerde Partnership in designing this first-of-its-kind, retail dining and entertainment district. Our job was to create an unmistakable “visual identity” for the project that would set it apart from every other shopping venue in the country.

Our approach, layered a patina of previous history to each building in an attempt to make the district more authentic, and less the product of a singular time and place. Informed by the history, industry, colors, materials, and signage of the City of Los Angeles, we created back-stories for each building and treated façades as if a different owner built each. We brought CityWalk to life and created a context that set the tone and guided tenants for years to come. We populated the district with animated neon signs, street furniture, public sculptures, vending carts, murals, and floor patterns to imbue the project with a quirky creative personality that subverted architectural homogeneity at every opportunity.

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